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What the heck is the vCommunity? Well, it started out when Twitter started to implode, and the virtualization community needed a place to keep in touch. Some people left Twitter for Mastodon, but it was too sparse and hard to find content. BlueSky was still in infancy, and some just opted out. So, a Discord server was spun up as a place for us technology nerds that were connected on Twitter to have a place to share content, chat about various technologies, and also post memes.

Most importantly, it provides a place to assist others with professional development and mental health. You’ll find caring members who want to see others grow and become better. Most of us have been involved in other programs like VMUG, or vExperts, and always looking to meet new people.

We’ve recently started a Podcast hosted on Podbean and Youtube. Be sure to check those out! And now, members can also signup to share blogs here on the vCommunity website.

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